Scope of this policy

This Privacy Policy applies to any devices, website, applications or software, services offered by Rilapp Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

What information we collect?

We collect information from below sources

  1. Information you provide directly to us
  2. Information we collect about your use of our Services
  3. Information we obtain from third-party sources

What we do with your information?

  1. we can deeply understand your approach to our brand
  2. we can provide service which you described in your information
  3. we can get in touch with you from advertising and content

we can provide this information to our service provider for better understand your requirement so we can best as possible satisfy your requirement . Also we can send this information to our law enforcement when we required to do .

 Cookie/Tracking Technology

With the use of cookie we can collect information like location, device, browser, service provider and time spending in our site. With the use of this information we can understand your approach to our product and we can serve better experience to you with the use of this data.

Data Security

We are committed to secure your data and we are not provide this data to any other firm except our authorized employees and service provider.

Contact Information

If you have any queries regarding this privacy policy you can contact us on

Email :

Mobile: +91 8707733977

Note: Our privacy policy subject to change in any time without any prior notice.